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CH Treasure Lake Steve's Golden Eagle JH DN


May 24, 2008 - November 5, 2019


Eagle was Best of Opposite in Sweepstakes at the Mid-Coast Kennel Club in Maine supported entry on Saturday August 29, 2009.


Eagle, Best of Breed, March 7, 2009.


      Eagle was named in honor of my son Steven earning his Eagle Scout rank on November 26, 2008 (Eagle was born that year).   Eagle is pictured on the 2008 Falcon puppies page.   Right now Eagle is learning how to be bad from his Father, Who and good from his Mother, Falcon.  Eagle's had a great 2009 in the show ring and the field.  Eagle started his show career on March 6, 2009 with a bang, he went Best Of Breed at his first show.  This BOB and the points were taken away from him because of a mistake I made on the entry form.  So his first points were actually March 28, 2009.  He became a Champion on December 13, 2009 with a bang.  He went Best of Breed at the Cleveland classic over the specials which included the number 1 rated Chesapeake for 2009.  Eagle finished his Championship in 9 months from point 1 to point 15.  What an awesome accomplishment for a home grown boy!
        Eagle succeed in learning basic retrieving and received his Junior hunter title September 26, 2009.  Titles at both ends of his name, both started and finished in the same year.  A beautiful boy with brains, what more could I ask for from Falcon?  Eagle became Steve's best buddy and retired from showing and testing to just hang out with Steve, he's the best house dog anyone can ask for.
       Eagle represents my fifth generation of breeding, starting with my foundation bitch Glacier Bay.  (Fifth generation, that's awesome but I think I'm beginning to feel old!)
        Hard to admit you are gone.  I promised you one more great summer swimming in the cement pond and we sure had a blast all summer.  You couldn't walk a step outside of the pool but you could swim for 2 hours and I had to go in and drag you out.  All your friends that you invited to your pool parties would jump in around you and on you but you just kept swimming around with a smile on your face and a ball in your mouth.  Eagle I am so glad I bred you last year for the first time and your son Otter will carry on your legacy.  He is a darker brown and a DM carrier but your face and head sure did reproduce in him.  Some day he will be bred to a DM clear and hopefully your face will come out on a clear puppy I can keep.  You were one in a million and so easy to live with.

Eagle Received: 

His first Best of Breed on March 6, 2009 at the LaPorte County Kennel Club, Auburn IN.  (This award was actually taken away from him because of a mistake I made on the entry).

Eagle earned his first major and went Best of Breed at the Central Ohio Kennel Club show in Columbus OH, on April 19, 2009.


Eagle went Best Of Opposite in Sweepstakes at the Beaver County Kennel Club supported entry in OH on August 01, 2009.

Eagle earned his Junior Hunter title at the American Chesapeake Club hunt test at Hambden OH. on September 26, 2009.

Eagle went Best Of Opposite in Sweepstakes at the Mid-Coast Kennel Club supported entry in Maine on August 29, 2009.

Eagle finished his Championship going Best Of Breed with a 4 point major at the Cleveland Classic Dog Show on December 13, 2009.

 Eagle got his dock novice on August 6, 2016


Isn't he beautiful.  A Retrieving machine.
All photos taken by Tina Turley, American Chesapeake Club Hunt Test September 2009.

Born: 5/24/2008
Height:  24 1/2
Weight: 79 lbs.
Color: Light Brown
OFA: Hips - CB-9647G31M-VPI - Good
Elbows - CB-EL1743M31-VPI - Normal
OFA Eyes: CB-EYE390/74M-VPI    8/2014
Optigen: PRA - clear gensol 39740

DM - A/A at risk
EIC: clear gensol 39741
Coat length: clear/normal gensol 29992


Eagle and his cousin Coco (darker) playing on the bed.

eagle & who    eagle & who sleeping

Night Owl (father) & Eagle (son)
Dogs are not allowed on the couch, see what bad habits Who is teaching Eagle!  Falcon knows better!

eagle who as pillow eagle & puppy eagle
Eagle using his dad, Who as a pillow. Talking to one of Frosty's puppies. This is his "not me" look, when we ask him "what did you do"?

Pedigree for Treasure Lake Steve's Golden Eagle
Chesapeake Bay Retriever

CH Treasure Lake Steve's Night Owl SH
CAN CH Donnett's Webfoot Navigator  WCX MH
Dark Deadgrass
HRCH Webfoot Repeat Offender WCX MH
Light Deadgrass
HRCH Cedarcrick Red Zinger
OFA-E/CERF  Deadgrass
Nontauk's Saguin Sarah WCI
CH Donnett's Molly Brown CD CGC
CH Debwill's Corry's Flatlander
Debwill's Grandriver's Bekon Beki
CH Pond Hollow Arctic Ice Blink MH
CH Pond Hollow Beaufort's Sea
CH Pond Hollow Bering Sea
CH Pond Hollow N TLC's Glacier Bay NAP NJP MH**
CH Pond Hollow Sky Cries Geese
CH Pond Hollow Casablanca WD
OFA-G/CERF/PRA-A   Deadgrass
CH Pond Hollow Rivertides Briar
CH MACH Treasures Falcon Del Star MH MXB MXJ WDX
CH. Safe Harbor Treasure Lake Geo MH WDQ**                  OFA-G/CER/PRA-A1                               
CH. Buck Run See Buck Run CD SH WDQ
CH. Pond Hollow Wild Goose Chase
Pond Hollow Starlight
St. Croix Fowlweathr Q Sierra
CH Chestnut Hills Stone E's Tug
Yorkshires Golden Visa CGC TT TDI
OFA-E/CERF  Deadgrass
CH. Pond Hollow N TLC's Glacier Bay NAP NJP MH WDQ**
Fred Of Beartown WDX
Beartown Pennacook CWC WCI
Nordais Aquabombe Splash**
CH. Pond Hollow Sankaty
CH. Pond Hollow Abner of Blackrun
CH Pond Hollow Bayberry Tides In

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