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Ducky & Buck Puppies

7 puppies born on December 6, 2012. 

The Boys
  black     black
blue      blue   
    red     red
The Girls
    Miss Red
Miss Light Green
    lightgreen      lightgreen
Miss Dark Green
    darkgreen     darkgreen
Miss Blue
missblue    missblue

more pictures to come as i get time.

Puppy reservation form

ducky      retrieving      jumping
Rock Point Just  Show Me a Duck   "Ducky"
CH  Pond Hollow Grand Rapid Buck  "Buck"

buck    buck    buck
        Ducky is a sweet loving deadgrass girl.  She loves to be with people and to please them.  When we go for a group walk she is never far away from my side.  Ducky would rather walk with me then play with the other dogs.  But she does love to play with them if there are no people around, especially the puppies.  Ducky is very gentle and soft.  Ducky is very easy to train because she wants to please you.  Ducky loves to swim and finds retrieving fun. 
        Buck is a beautiful friendly boy.  Very nice coat, beautiful mover.  He finished his championship with easy and will continue to work on his grand championship after duck season.  He's a great hunter for his owner and loves to swim and retrieve.  What attracted me to him was his easy going personality.  Just ask him to do anything and he agrees and does it wagging his tail.  He is very structurally sound and I love to watch him move.  Beautiful head and expression.  Very interested in what you are doing and what's going on around him.  I've "borrowed" him a few times and brought him home with me and he's a very easy dog to live with.  Quiet in the kennels, nice to the other dogs and listens very well.  It's a joy to have him visit.  Buck goes back to my foundation bitch CH Pond Hollow N TLC's Glacier Bay MH NAP NAJP.  These puppies should have the ability to compete at any level in any akc event. 

Height: 21 1/2  inches
Weight: 65 pounds
Color: Deadgrass
OFA - Hips:
Elbows: Normal

OFA EYES: CB-EYE380/65F-VPI  8/2014
Optigen PRA - A1 by pedigree
DM -
EIC - both parents clear
Ectodermal Dysplasia - Skin Fragility Syndrome - Normal

Born 10/15/2010
Color: Deadgrass
OFA - Hips:
OFA - Elbows:
 CERF: CB-364653 - Feb 2012
Optigen - PRA clear
DM -
CB-DM958/1M-PI NN clear
EIC - clear

Pedigree for ducky & buck
chesapeake bay retriever

CH Pond Hollow Grand Rapids Buck OFA-G, CERF, PRA-A, DM-NN Deadgrass SR653954/05, 10/15/10
CH. Pond Hollow Continental Divide OFA 9197G27-VPI; EL 1445N27-VPI; CERF 5958/10-46*; Cardiac CA 72/32 mos.-Normal VPI PRA DNA A1 by pedigree; EIC36/Normal Deadgrass
CH Calico Almost Famous OFA;CERF;PRA A1; DM N/N Brown
CH* Penrose Puntgunner Gamescout
hips 4-6;CERF; PRA B Brown
CH Calico A La Mode
OFA;CERF Deadgrass
CH Pond Hollow Three Rvrs RoyalT OFA;EL;CERF;EIC Normal;PRA normal x pedigree Deadgrass
CH Sako MH ***
CH Pond Hollow Kilimanjaro
 OFA;CERF;PRA A Deadgrass
CH. Pond Hollow Brillant OFA 9436G-VPI/Elbow EL1601-VPI; CERF 6034/11-42*; EIC & PRA Normal X pedigree; DM88-N/N; Cardiac CB-CA94/34
Light Deadgrass
Redlion's Notorious MH ** OFA-E/EL/CERF/PRA Normal x pedigree/EIC Normal/DM Normal
Longmeadow North X NW
Redlions Defused Fern
Pond Hollow Sequel  ** OFAG/EL/CERF/PRA Normal x pedigree
CH* Pond Hollow Cuttyhunk
CH Pond Hollow N TLC's Glacier Bay MH NAP NAJP ** OFA/CERF/PRA A1/EIC Normal
Rock Point Just Show Me A Duck - SR55143202
DM-NN/CERF/mild unilateral left
Ch Pond Hollow Casablanca
OFA 4221G; CERF 2138/00-96*; PRA A
Ch* Riverbends Norga Wild Rice II
Trippe Creek Brown Bomber
Chesapeake Alpine Ash
Ch Pond Hollow Puddle Duck CD
BISS Ch* Chestnut Hills Stone E's Tug
Ch* Bayberry Pond Lady CDX TD JH WD
Ch Rock Point Thief In The Night
Light Brown
CH Pond Hollow Calico Key Largo
1993/12/18 Dark Brown AKC: SN12439707
Ch** Pond Hollow Casablanca WD
1992/06/28-2000/11/15 Tan AKC: SM99089108
CH* Pond Hollow Bayberry Tides In
1989/06/10 Sedge AKC: SF57852
CH Ruffnreddy Blaze of Glory WD, OA, OAJ
 2002/05/05 Dark Brown AKC: SR01528202
CH Blue Sky Whiskey River
1999/10/18 Medium Brown Reg: SN68274501
CH Dunwerkin Madness and Mayhem
1995/11/10 Brown Reg: SN29635001

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