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(Amazing & Brin puppy at bottom of page)

CH Treasures Falcon Del Star SH OA OAJ WDX "Falcon"

Pond Hollow Southern Tornado "Twister"

Falcon now has her AX and AXJ.

 Falcon        &  twister Twister

Puppies born 10/17/2007









Just wanted to let you know that “Angus”  is doing great in his new home. Housebreaking is a cinch with him and he is finding his place in the pack with my other two dogs. He is a fantastic puppy and I am enjoying every moment with him. Thanks again and have a great holiday. Michelle   12/19/2007

Mr. Green = Angus lives in Chesterland, Ohio.





Mr. Blue = Bruschi now lives in Maine

As I said Bru is doing great.  He is very smart!  Also very independent!  I can understand how you felt that he was the calm one, he usually calms right down and is very content lying at my feet while I’m in the kitchen or out in the shop.  But when he wants something he can be very determined.  Right now I’m trying to get him to understand that those are MY slippers and not his.  I kind of like this determination though because I think it will translate to good qualities while hunting.  He is getting the sit stay come thing.  Well maybe not come, he comes when he wants to.  There are so many distractions out there.  Look ANOTHER leaf!  But I’m sure with time it will all be fine.  He’s very expressive and funny.  And everyone tells us he’s SO cute!  Scott  12/29/2007




Thunder Bay earned his first show point on 5/18/2008 in Maine.  Way to go Thunder.

Little Thunder Bay sends his love - he is a busy, bright, inquisitive fellow. Nothing escapes him and he's a quick learner!     Hope that stays true when obedience classes start.   We're in love!!!   This is the best little guy imaginable!   Thank you for such a great job all around.   Love this pup!!!!    Jane  12/16/2007

   We're in love!    BUT, think we should have named him TIGER - that is what he is.  Fearless, independent, smart and gorgeous.  He's very good all night - hardly a peep.  Pooh Bear often comes back downstairs and sleeps beside the crate.  Meals - gone in a jiffy!  He loves his food, and will check everybody else's - knows where the bucket is, and if the door is not latched, will help himself.  Thanks for such a great pup, Kathy... obviously you do great work with your dogs - I'm honored to have one!  Jane  1/5/08

We will not be bored with this boy around - 3 x today he has gone to the door - does he really know to do his business outside already - I don't think so, but he loves outdoors, no matter the weather, and has got these dumb big people trained to his wishes.   There we no dogs allowed at last week's class, only the instructors demo Aussies.  Thursday we both go..... I'm prepared to be the dunce, but I have a feeling Thunder is going to be a show stealer, no matter what.  Think I better get on the Maine Dog Show Mailing list again - have to get this boy out early.  His coat is changing, wonderfully coarse, some new waves, eyes have lost their blue and he's VERY attentive.  You picked well, Kathy!!!!  One more out, then into the crate - he's very good about that, and Pooh spends most of the night beside him.  Hope you're enjoying Condor as much (and having the time to do that).  Jane  1/8/2008

Mr. Black = Thunder Bay now lives in Maine




Miss Silver = Sascha now lives in Maryland.

She is a delight.  Werner  12/16/2007




  She is doing great.  A little too smart for her own good, but a lot of fun.  She has already grasped the concept of going to the door if she has to go potty.  We just have to make sure we know that she has gone to the door.  She travels very well in the car and had no accidents in her crate on the way home.  The other two boys are getting used to having a lot of energy around so it is interesting.  I will share more later but so far things are going very well.  Thanks  Sara  12/18/2007

Sara and I just wanted to let you know that Cocoa is doing very well.  and we are extremely happy to have her.  She is a very smart, and is growing like a weed.  She has lots of desire to learn and do puppy things like retrieving small bumpers and carrying small rocks in her mouth.  Hope you are keeping warm up there in the cold.  Thanks again for such a wonderful bundle of joy of Sara  Jeff  1/3/2008

Miss Yellow = Cocoa permanent home is NC but is stationed in Virginia.




Miss Multi = Condor has become one of the Treasure Lake crew in Ohio.

Treasure Lake Jon's High Flying Condor




Neda and me arrived save in Munich. We have had no problems on the flights home. Neda enjoyed flying Lufthansa. She has had her own window-seat on my jacket with her own glass of water.  No problems with going to the bathroom.  She did it in the bathroom!!!  She was seating beneath me the whole flight and was happy to be with me.  At Munich we have had no problems with the microchip-scanner.  Everything worked for us.  Now we are happy at home.  And her new daddy loves her so much!   Natali  1/1/2008

Miss Red = Nada is in Germany.

Treasure Lakes Stormy Nada.


Sanderson's Lil Miss Amazin SH "Amazing" &

CH Pond Hollow Brindisi CDX SH WDQ"Brin".  

Amazing amazing  &  Brin

Puppy born Saturday October 6th, 2007.





(Picture on right is Bodie sleeping with her big cousin Tank from the 2006 litter).

Miss Solid Gold = Bodie  flew to Colorado.

Mrs. Solid Gold's new name is Bodie and she is doing great. She has been coming to work with me every day and is behaving great. She can already sit, stay, shake, and lay down. She even drops the ball at my feet when she fetches. Everyone in the office loves her and she is getting lots of attention. I will make sure to send you some photos tomorrow when I download them from my camera.    Jeff  1/10/2008