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 CH Treasure Lake Steve's Night Owl  SH

"Night Owl" or "Who"
11/19/2006 - 1/25/2016

Night Owl completed his Championship title July 13, 2008 at the Grand River Kennel Club dog show in Madison, OH.  Congratulations to Who and Adele, two major's in two days.

who ice

Who's loving winter 2008/2009, he has his very own ice cube straight out of the horses bucket.  Look how curled his ears are, he knows he's being cute.

Adele had a great weekend at Echo Hills Kennel Club supported entry in Ohio on June 13 & 14, 2008.

June 15, 2008 - Best of Winners - Winners Dog -his first major.


 (March 2007 - Some looks never change - February 2008)
At least he grew into those ears!


Night Owl and his favorite cat Horizons sitting on the back porch watching the sunset.


Night Owl and Falcon waiting for me to finish updating the web site.

Who spent the last several years of his life with his best friend Ed.  He was an only child and got to go hunting often during the season.   He also got to go fishing and ride every where Ed could take him.  Who used to watch Ed go into the gas stations to pay the bill and if the door was automatic he'd quickly jump out of the car when Ed opened the door and run into the gas station with Ed in hot pursuit,  Who liked to hear the people inside scream when he ran in.  If Ed had to open the door manually Who would be laying down in the seat and never try to jump out of the car.  Who had the bad bad habit of going downstairs and peeing on Ed's tackle box if Ed didn't share his breakfast with Who.  He also loved bringing in the firewood from the back yard for Ed.  They were best friends and I'm so grateful that Who got to be an only child and had so much fun teasing someone else.  He was  always a character.  Who's buried here at Treasure Lake and will never be forgotten.  What a beautiful dog.  Who was bred before the test for DM was available and unfortunately was DM effected.  He tried his best but those rear legs just wouldn't work.  It's so heart breaking to watch the dogs go through this, he was my first, won't be my last because his son Eagle is also effected.  Rest in peace Who, because I know you're playing jokes on someone no matter where you are. 

"Who" has been turning our household upside down with his antics.  He's never serious except when he's in trouble and he looks at you saying "it wasn't me".  He easily completed his junior hunter title at the age of 10 months.  He loves to swim and can't seem to pass a pond without jumping in even if he's not suppose too.  He loves playing with the other dogs and is very gentle with the new puppies.  He has started working on all the agility equipment and since he loves the weave poles best he's been banded from them until he grows older.  He has a great coat and very correct conformation.  Night Owl received his first 4 point major at Echo Hills Kennel Club show on June 15, 2008 going best of winners, "stealing" the girls major and a few of their hearts!  He also went Best of Breed at Western PA Kennel Association show in March 2008.  He completed his Championship on July 13, 2008 taking two majors in two days in Madison, OH.  Night Owl spent the fall 2008 at college in Kentucky but got sent home, he kept getting Adele's roommate wet with water from the water bowl because it made Adele laugh but it made the roommate mad.  Who completed 3 of the 4 legs needed for his senior hunter title the fall of 2010 and will finish next spring.
Night Owl will only be available to a few select girls since his hips are not acceptable for clearance.  He has some changes in them from an old injury to his left hip.  I did a test breeding with him to Falcon that produced some awesome puppies in May, take a look at 2008 Falcon's puppy page.  Eagle's (Who's son) just had his prelimary hip and elbow done and sent to OFA, they came back with a good rating.

Night Owl received:
Senior Hunter title on

Junior Hunter title on October 7, 2007 at the American Chesapeake Club hunt test in Hambden, Ohio.
title on July 13, 2008 at Grand River Kennel Club, Inc. dog show in Madison, OH.
3 legs toward his senior hunter title fall 2010.

11/19/2006 - 1/25/2016
Height:  25 inches
Weight: 75 pounds
Color: Dead Grass
OFA: x-ray's have not been sent into OFA.
CERF: CB-5876/2007-13
Optigen PRA - A1 by pedigree

DM - A/A affected

Pedigree for Treasure Lake Steve's Night Owl
Chesapeake Bay Retriever

CAN CH Donnett's Webfoot Navigator MH WCX
Dark Deadgrass
Webfoot Repeat Offender WCX MH
Light Deadgrass
HRCH Cedarcrick Red Zinger
Cedarcrick Cougar***
Cedarcreek Jet
Nontauk's Saguin Sarah WCI

Bluteal's Crazy Kansas
Riverview Meg Swamp Fox
CH Donnett's Molly Brown CD CGC
CH Debwill's Corry's Flatlander
CH. Neptune's Mullina Mischief
Almij's BJ's Trixie
Dark Brown
Debwill's Grandriver's Bekon Beki
CAN CH Massbank's Nanuk
Almij's BJ's Mandy
Dark Brown
Pond Hollow Arctic Ice Blink SH
Dead Grass
CH Pond Hollow Beaufort's Sea
CH Pond Hollow Bering Sea
CH Redlion's Big Business JH
Pond Hollow Abilene
CH Pond Hollow N TLC's Glacier Bay NAP NJP MH**
Red Brown
Fred Of Beartown WDX
CH Pond Hollow Sankaty
CH Pond Hollow Sky Cries Geese
CH Pond Hollow Casablanca WD
Riverbends Norga Wild Rice II
CH Pond Hollow Puddle DuckCD
CH Pond Hollow Rivertides Briar
CH Sprucegroves Due ProcessSH
CH Pond Hollow Bayberry Tides In

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** Judges award of merit in a AKC field trial derby or qualifying.