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 Treasure Lake Adele's Stalking Jaguar  CGC  CD JH




Jaguar lived with my daughter Adele while she was studying to become a veterinarian at Ohio State University in Columbus OH.  He loves to go to dog parks with her, help her study, go swimming and retrieving in the river, and protect her.  Adele and Jaguar work on obedience when not studying.  He is very good with her friends dogs and they play together often.   He has enough drive and desire to have fun in anything he is asked to do.  Since graduation as a Veterinarian Dr Adele and Jag now work for a practicing vet clinic close to Treasure Lake.  That gave Jag time to work on his hunting title with me and he earned his JH.  He also earned his first leg towards his rally novice title with Dr Adele on December 14, 2014 at the Christmas Classic Show at the IX center.  Adele only has every third Sunday off so that doesn't leave much time for showing but he'll keep earning titles as time permits.  He's a very beautiful sedge boy with a very typical Chesapeake attitude, sweet and guarding.  Correct coat, lovely head, short body and reach and drive.    Jaguar and Adele earned the first leg towards their rally novice title in december 2014 at the IX Christmas classic. 

adele   jag   adele

Jaguar earned his CD "companion dog" obedience title on November 10, 2012.  His first leg was a 3rd place ribbon and then three first place ribbons for the title and spare leg.  Nice job Adele and Jaguar.

puppy     jag



Jaguar wins his class at his first show, a supported entry, August 7, 2010.

Pictured r to l -- Vonnie P, sweeps judge, class judge, Max - prizes & co-chair, Adele & Jaguar, Anthony - co-chair, Anna Marie - co-chair.


Jaguar & his best friend Nitty playing their favorite game.
Jaguar retrieving the ball and Nitty retrieving Jag.

Born 3/8/2009
Height:  26 inches
Weight: 87 pounds
Color: Sedge
OFA - CB-9722G24M-VPI - Good

OFA - Elbows: not done.

OFA Eyes: CB-EYE402/64M-VPI
Optigen PRA - A1 by pedigree

DM - N/A Carrier

Jaguar's Parents:

red hawk     

CH Treasure Lake Ray's Red Hawk SH OA OAJ    "Red Hawk"
CH Safe Harbor Treasure Lake Geo MH WDQ** "Tigger"


Red Hawk
Born: 11/8/2005
Height:  23 inches
Weight: 80 pounds
Color: Sedge
OFA: Hips: CB-8880G24F-PI  - Good

Elbows: CB-EL1263F24-PI - Normal

CERF: CB-5638
Optigen: PRA - A1 by pedigree

DM - carrier

Born: 12/15/2000
Height: 25 inches
Weight: 85 pounds
Color: Brown
OFA: Hips: CB-7240G56M-PI  Good
CERF: CB-4307
Optigen: PRA - A1

DM - N/N two NORMAL copies of the gene

EIC - Clear

Pedigree for Jaguar

CH Safe Harbor Treasure Lake Geo MH WDQ**
CH. Buck Run See Buck Run CD SH WDQ
Light Brown
CH. Pond Hollow Wild Goose Chase
CH. Shilo's Country Gentleman
CH. Pond Hollow Bubbling Brook
Pond Hollow Starlight
CH. Pond Hollow Spindrift CD SH WD
OFA-F/CERF  Deadgrass
Pond Hollow One and Only JH WDX
St. Croix Fowlweathr Sierra
CH Chestnut Hills Stone E Tug
CH Ironwoods Stone E Cubs***
OFA  Brown
CH Chestnuthills Pandora CDX
Yorkshires Golden Visa CGC TT TDI
Light Deadgrass
Tug's Gentleman Beauregard
OFA-G  Dark Brown
Lady Augustina Of Chesire
OFA-E  Dark Deadgrass
CH Treasure Lake Ray's Red Hawk SH OA OAJ
CH. Pond Hollow Cuttyhunk
CH. Sako MH***
DUAL/AFC Westwinds Rudy of Nordais
Beartown Yucchi
CH. Pond Hollow Kilimanjaro
CH. Pond Hollow Casablance WD
OFA-G/CERF/PRA-A  Deadgrass
CH. Pond Hollow Rivertides Briar
CH. Pond Hollow N TLC's Glacier Bay NAP NJP MH**
Red Brown
Fred Of Beartown WDX
Beartown Pennacook
Nordais Aquabombe Splash**
CH. Pond Hollow Sankaty
CH. Pond Hollow Abner of Blackrun
CH. Pond Hollow Bayberry Tides In