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"Blink & Gator"


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November 19, 2006

7 boys & 5 girls

The Boys

Mr. Purple now lives in DE.


 We are absolutely LOVING him!!  He has been wonderful and has adapted pretty well.  Just hates being alone!!  Wants to be around people and the kids and will wake up from sleeping or just move into another room to make sure he is part of whatever is going on.  Full of kisses and I have never seen a dog whose tail wags ALL THE TIME!!  Pictures are coming soon.  It is hard to get everyone to sit down and smile at the same time (I'm sure you know how that goes!!)  I will send pics on over as soon as I get them.  He is already well over 20 lbs and is growing faster than my kids are!!  We'll keep you posted  :)   Jenn   Febuary 2007

Mr. Orange - Gunner lives in NY.


Mr. Yellow - Toby lives in GA.



Toby is growing like a weed.  He retrieves and swims with eagerness and has turned out to be a very well behaved (most of the time) lovable puppy. He’s my new best bud and was definitely worth the drive and the money.  Paul  February 2007.  

Mr. Green - Rufus lives in NJ.



Rufus is absolutely perfect. He is everything I have always wanted and has
been an absolute pleasure to be with. He is growing more beautiful every day
and his temperament is amazing. My son Quin and I feel like we have a true
friend in him. His housebreaking is coming along nicely and he is a pleasure
to take on a walk and heels very nicely already. Bob February 2007
Rufus has been fantastic and is a wonderful addition to the family. He is
extremely affectionate, has a winning personality, and likes everyone.
Jennifer has adjusted to Rufus now that he is older. He is extremely
well-behaved and accompanies me on many of my errands. He is amazingly
athletic and can catch almost anything. He loves the water and will swim for
hours. I never thought owning a dog could be so fulfilling. We're looking
forward to celebrating his first birthday tomorrow. Attached are some of the
many photos we have of him.
Bob 11/18/2007

Mr. Black - Tank lives in CO.


Tank is doing great, in fact , just unbelievable what a great dog he is. 
Smart , gentle, of course loves the water , the water is still cold
here, but if there is water around he is in it.
He is on Dog Watch / invisible fence , and doing great,
He is soo patient with our 7 year old daughter, as she is pretty rough
with him, he does not seem to care , he just takes it . Of course we pay
close attention to this, and we can tell he is just not phased.
She is holding her ground with him , which I think is fantastic as he
knows his place for now.
He is very well socialized, as I have brought him to work everyday since
I got him (15 to 20 people a day), the Vet, said to me wow, I can't
believe how well socialized he is, but this is actually the most
important factor for us, so we continually introduce him to various
activities /people/ and jobs. Takes our daughter to school everyday, and
joins all the other kids often. Brings the paper in everyday, and if the
door is closed, the paper will be sitting there waiting to come in. Bradley 4/5/07
Tank is doing fantastic, we are enjoying him very much. 

He swims twice daily on our daily walks , and absolutely loves going
fishing with me on the rivers here in Colorado .

I have taught him to stay behind me while fishing and wading the rivers,
and wait for me to fish the hole before he does, and when I catch fish
he just looks at me so intently and a bit of self frustration, , like
"How in the Hell did you do that ?" and then you can see him thinking,
"I've got to figure this one out." , we have such a good time, the one
thing about a Chesapeake is the connection with task at hand. He
concentrates with me on each cast, and just can't wait to see what I
pull out next., normally he is so excited that he can't wait on the
river bank , so he ends up sitting in the edge of the water , or perched
on a rock by my side., I will make him sit as this training process is
important to me, as when I fish with friends, I would like to have him
behave, and not ruin the event for my fellow anglers. You know the rest
, if there is water ,,, anywhere... He will surely be in it.

Nothing but positive feedback, I can't thank you enough for the great ,
great job you have done with your dogs, and this Chesapeakes bread.

Everyone knows him in the neighborhood, and all have enjoyed watching
him maturing , there is not one person that believes his age at any
stage, as he is very well behaved and socialized. I know in part it is
his family and environment, but it is also the great disposition of his

He gets along with all dogs, and he does great with children Brad 10/17/07
  Tank sleeping with his cousin Bodie from the 2007 Amazing/Brin litter.

Mr. Blue - Night Owl lives in Ohio.

Treasure Lake Steve's Night Owl


Treasure Lake Steve's Night Owl, "Night Owl" or "Who Who" decided to stay with me and become a member of our family.  He is so serious and can turn the room upside down in an instant.  He's been going to puppy agility class to socialize.  He earned his Junior Hunter title in October 2007 and is taking a month or two to grow up and will start to compete in conformation shows soon.  Check him out on his new page.

Mr. Red  - Atlas now lives in OH.

Treasure Lake Fifth Avenue Icon


Atlas is a wonderful dog!  After puppy school, we have started our second obedience class and he truly loves to work and is such a quick learner!  He seems to also enjoy the agility items in the room and we may pursue that avenue as he gets older.  We are hoping to show him in conformation this summer.   Sean          April, 2007


Atlas - Best Of Breed - Medina County - July 2007            Major - Winners dog - Akron - Jan 2008


The Girls

Miss Shiny Blue - Maggie lives in PA.

Treasure Lake Maggie Moss Whiteshoes



Maggie is doing wonderful. Thankfully I think she has stopped growing. She went for her shots and check up a few weeks ago and was at 77 pounds. She's pure muscle though. The girl has waaaaayyyy too much energy and we can barely keep up with her. She still has the sweetest personality and just loves kids. She sneaks into my son's room when his friends are over and tries to join in with them playing with toys or their video games. Needless to say she usually gets kicked out, so she'll then sit outside the door and whine. She's still trying to get that darned cat to play with her too, but that's another story.   Susan  4/29/2008

Miss Maggie is a whopping 57 pounds now.  She still insists on trying to scoot under our bed to nap (or hide if she's been bad) but she practically gets stuck.  She is a very good girl and loves exploring and chasing our poor cat.  When she finally gets the cat cornered, she licks her head and ends up giving her a wet mohawk, which of course does not make the cat happy.  It's a riot to watch.   Maggie just completed her puppy obedience class last week and our trainer said that she was the star pupil.  She does most commands very well but she still tries to challenge us with come and drop.  We'll keep practicing.  I'm impressed that she's learned so much already being that she is only 7 months old.  We get many, many compliments on her appearance also.  The tech. at our vet just loves her and says she wants to take her home.  Susan  June 2007

Miss Shiny Gold - Nellie lives in NY.

Treasure Lake Montauk Nellie




We just love her!  She’s full of energy and always happy.  Nellie has been a bit spoiled since she’s gotten here.  She loves to sleep in our bed at night, take showers whenever possible, and show the cat who is boss.  She follows me everywhere, and in turn, I take her with me most places.  She’s very comfortable riding in the car.  Nellie has made us so happy.  My three boys love to play with her, though she likes to show the little one that she’s the boss.  We’ve enjoyed every moment with her and cannot thank you enough for giving us the funniest, most adorable and lovable pet ever.  Thanks, The Family   4/3/2007

Hi.  Nellie is doing great.  In fact, we are celebrating her birthday today with some dog friends and a dog cake and treats.  I’ll send a new photo soon.  She is so smart and sweet.  She absolutely loves the water and often frequents the beach.  She has no fear and goes right in after sticks and balls.  Thank you so much for such a wonderful dog.  I’ll be in touch very soon with pictures.  Kristin.    11/18/2007

Hi, Kathy.  We wanted to send you some recent Nellie photos (Miss Gold, litter 2006).  She’s doing what she loves best here. (Playing in the surf pictures).  Isn’t she beautiful?  Thanks again for the best dog in the world.  Kristin    12/6/07


Miss Shiny Silver - Roxy lives in NJ.

Treasure Lake Roxburg Bay Blue


Roxy (Miss Shiny Silver) is adjusting to her life in North Western New Jersey.  She's a beautiful dog with warm brown coloring.  We are surprised how quickly she understands and accomplishes basic commands.  We are also delighted how Roxy as adapted to her new home and routine.  Kathy   1/31/2007


Roxy is a beautiful dog.  We began training every day as soon as we brought her home.  We live close to the Delaware River and many great gaming, farm fields and they have been perfect environment to work her natural abilities.  Roxy was very easy and eager to train.  She adapted to water immediately and picked up the concept of shooting and retrieval very early.  We don’t have little children but Roxy is extremely social with people and other animals (deer, bear, and cows).  We had Roxy on a hunt near a hedge row and heifers (cows) were in the adjoining field.  It didn’t take long for the heifers to approach us and Roxy sat calmly looking at them while one stuck its head through the fence and began licking her face.  On her first duck hunt, Roxy held her own along with a 7 year old black Labrador retriever and she had multiple retrieves.  Roxy also joins us in the boat, fishing the Delaware River and she does watch intently with every cast, but she just can’t help but jump in the river.  We had to purchase a dog ladder for the boat.  We would highly recommend your Chesapeakes because of our experiences with Roxy.  Sincerely,     Rich Daniels      11/2/2007

Miss Shiny Green - Piper lives in PA.

Treasure Lake





Piper is doing great.  She still gets the rash.  But the vet gave me a topical spray that seems to make it go away.  Other than that she’s the best dog.  She goes with me everywhere.  Everyone that meets her just loves her temperament and how beautiful she is.  She’s getting so big too, 80 lbs. and fit.  Her and my dad’s Chesapeake are always in competition and love to play and swim.  She swims regularly at our cabin and I’ve taken her to the beach a couple of times.  I couldn’t keep her out of the water if I wanted to   Jared  11/20/2007

Piper is doing great.  I think the rashes she had were a seasonal thing.  They have cleared up completely now.  She loves to play in the snow with our other Chesapeake.  She still comes in to the office with me everyday along with the other Chesapeake and an English bulldog.  Piper is our greeter for everyone that comes into the office.  We have pics of them on our website:  I really would like to get another puppy just like Piper before she gets too much olderI see that you kept her brother.  I would love one of his pups.  Do you have an idea of when you could breed him?  I love his color.  Let me know what your plans are for him and maybe about some other pups you are expecting that will be available.  Talk to you soon. Jared       2/1/2008

Miss Shiny Multi now lives in PA.

Pond Hollow Arctic Storm


   three puppies playing game   feeding time