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December 29, 2010.

CH Treasure Lake Ray's Red Hawk SH NA NAJ
Redlion's Notorious ***c, QAA, MH, Can JH, WDQ, CGC



Mr. Green is living in Pennsylvania
Goose is doing fine. Thats the name we are going with. Vet visit went great. You picked the perfect puppy for us.   3/4/2011


Mr. Blue is in New York.

Treasure Lake Tucker Island.
  He is so funny to watch playing in what snow we have left.
Tucker has been a wonderful new addition to the family and all of our friends are raving over him!  3/30/2011

black  black

Mr. Black is living in Pennsylvania.

Treasure Lake Wilderness Dream
I had him by our pond yesterday and the ice was just coming off around the edges and he jumped right in!  I thought I was going to have to go in after him but I encouraged him and he got his feet going, got turned toward shore and swam back to me.  I had no idea he would jump in like that or I would have had him on the leash.  3/18/2011

Bacchus has his AKC junior hunter title 2012.

  murphy    murphy  murphy

Mr. Red flew to Colorado.

Treasure Lake Notorious Murphy
Murphy is great.  Yesterday he learned to walk on a leash.  It took him about 30 seconds to figure it out.  This was in a noisy urban environment and it was like he had been on a leash for years.  I realize that wasn't the best place to teach him this, but nothing seems to bother him.  I love this dog.  Thanks.  4/1/2011
Murphy (Mr. Red) is doing great.  Today he figured out how to use the dog door by watching his buddy Shecky. 3/6/2011


mud   sleeping

Miss Silver is living in Ohio and
becoming one of the Treasure Lake crew.  
Treasure Lake Kathy's Red Raven.
 "Red Raven"

belle    belle


I live on a canal. Today, completely to my surprise, Belle  walked into the canal and started swimming around, not a reckless puppy swim, but an easy, relaxed swim. I couldn't get my phone out quickly enough to snap a shot of her in the water, but got one of her exiting. 
Belle has her AKC junior hunter title 

Miss Yellow is living in Virginia.

Treasure Lake Belle of the Burg
 She is such a sweet little girl and beautiful as well.  2/26/2011  

Belle has been a delight since she arrived in our home.  She constantly impresses me with her intelligence and ability to figure things out on her own.  She is very athletic, light on her feet, and agile.  She has a desire to train and learn.  She is initially cautious, but once acclimated to a task or situation she is as brave and fearless as any dog I’ve seen.  She is playful and fun spirited.  She is great with all the kids, but especially playful with my four-year-old daughter.  Those two are as thick as thieves.  7-1-2011

mika   mika

mika   shinyblue
Miss Shiny Blue is living in Massachusetts.

Treasure Lake’s Mika Is Shiny Blue

We can’t express how much Ms. Shiny Blue, aka Mika (Mee-ka), has influenced our lives.  She has truly become a fun member of the family.
After our 7 hour car ride from PA to MA, we introduced Mika to her new home, crate, dog bed and assortment of bones and toys. She has spent the sleeping hours in her crate, located next to our bedside and daytime hours in a spare room with her crate and toys. Throughout the daytime hours, Brian (aka Daddy) visits periodically and some days brings her into his office.

On weekends, she has been introduced to new family members, friends and other dogs (that have been vaccinated). She is loved by all that meet her, even the vet. Mika has visited the vet 2 times now and has received 2 shots. She also was given the “ok” by the vet to begin walking throughout our neighborhood streets. She now gets a morning and evening walk in additional to her ventures in our back yard. 3/15/2011

Rolled Black
Rolled Red
Rolled Green
Shiny Blue/Flat Blue
Rolled Blue

Light Green
(passed away)

y y sb
OK, your choice is me biting your fingers........ ....... Or me kissing your nose.  But cooperating to get my picture, isn't a choice. Miss Shiny Blue, now this is more like it.

s y s n
Miss Silver
Miss Yellow
Is this proper show stance??????
e h n
You can't make me stand up. no no no. Got to be a way off here. Show off my front, no I don't think so.....

February 13 - 16, 2011
Although these four pictures are hard to see, they are some of my favorites.  That's Tigger waiting on the back steps with the puppies. This is the sight I see whenever I look out the back door (if I'm not outside playing with the puppies).  Love the one on the upper right with a puppy head using Tigger as a pillow (he was sound asleep when I took the picture).  My big 10 year old mean nasty chesapeake stud dog babysitting.  I have to take the picture looking almost straight down through the nose printed door.  Picture on lower right is if I crack the door open and take quickly, because they all pop up and start squeezing inside to come join me.  Also notice the cat's sleeping/sitting with the all of them on the railing waiting to come in too.  I so wish I could sneak into the back yard (like there's any sneaking when you own a chessie) and get the picture from the other side.

1 sleeping
Waiting to go inside.
Exhausted from playing outside.
My favorite pic, need I say more.
1 1
What do you mean my face looks fat in this picture????
So tiny, with the world to explore.  Yes, that's snow stuck to his nose.
1 1
Glacier Bay babysitting.
Why are you taking my picture?

1 1 1
Ears a flapping.
Waiting to go in.
I'm too sleepy to play any more.
1 1
It's tough walking on these moon craters.
Right or left?
Glad the suns out.
1 1 1
Beautiful puppies.
Here I come Mom.
Yiiipppeeee, more snow.
They are still cute when they sleep.
What should we play with next?
Take time to smell the snow!!!
1 1
Studying the wet paw marks.
Yellow on the hunt for red october!  just kidding.
They always want to be so close to me the camera can't focus, ssshhhoooo, go away.
Where are they going?
Playing follow the leader.
Hey, Mom's calling better run.
1 1 1
Sunlight on my nose, feels good.
Aren't they cute when they sleep.
Sunshine on my body feels good.

February 1 - 12, 2011
Waiting for me to go outside and play got too boring for them and they got depressed.
What I see sitting in my computer chair posting pictures to the web site.  No wonder I never get anything done, how can I say no to that face.
2 3
Discovering how to play with each other, one of my favorite times. Mr. Black laying around, chewing on a leg.

January 26 - 30, 2011

Mr Green, honest mom I'm not tired.
Miss Purple, life is good.
Mr. Black, why you taking my picture?
After eating n drinking our noses are wet n dark.
Piled for warmth after playing in our food.
But I enjoy playing in the new water bucket!
Mr. Blue
Learning to chew on each others noses.
Mr. Red & Mr. Black.
Way too cute.
Mr. Green's beautiful blue eyes, (no they won't stay that way).
Miss Shiny Blue's flat collar.
Mr Green showing off the new collars.
sleep tight.

January 22 - 24, 2011

blue blue yellow
New pen means direct sunshine, Mr Blue enjoying it. Mr Blue really, really enjoying the new sunshine.
Miss Yellow, food covered.
Another one changing color.
Sharing lunch.
Mr. Red, notice he even walked through his food.
y all
Miss Yellow piled on top to use the bar as a pillow
New era, food!!!
Notice the lines across their back, color changing time!!!

January 20, 2011

Mr Green
Mr. Red
Mr Black
Mr Blue
1 2
Miss Shiny Blue
Miss Silver
3 row

Miss Yellow
Day they were born and now.  What a difference poor Red Hawk.

January 10-15, 2011
yellow green
Notice one eye opening.
Mr Green sleeping peacefully.
Getting bigger, almost on our feet when moving.
3 1 7
Pinwheel three.
Miss Yellow using Mr Red as a pillow.
All Seven, still small.
2 group 7
Mr Black tummy up!
Seven under the sun lamp!
There always one that doesn't follow the order to line up straight!

January 5, 2011
Mr Black peeking out from under Mom.
Miss Shiny Blue & Miss Silver.
Miss Blue, Mr Green, Mr Black, Mr Blue & Mr. Red
red silver
Mr Red
Miss Silver
Miss Yellow

January 2, 2011
seven shinyblue yellowgreen
All Seven
Miss Shiny Blue
Miss Yellow & Mr. Green

January 1, 2011
circle green
Circle group of four.
Mr. Green & Mr. Blue
Mr. Green, Ms. Yellow, Mr Blue, Mr Red.
black red
Mr Black stretching.
Mr. Red on the move.
Ms Silver as small as Red Hawk's leg.
red black red shiny blue
Mr. Red & Mr. Black dancing.
Mr. Red & Mr. Black continue the dance.
How cute is Ms Blue.
Lining up.
Making patterns
A triangle of puppies.

Dec 30, 2010
group mom
A bundle of eight.
Red doesn't want anyone to take her puppies.
row light green
Eight in a row.
Although Light Green tried, he pass away on new years eve.

Red Hawk   redrunning   redjump

CH Treasure Lake Ray's Red Hawk SH NA NAJ
Redlion's Notorious ***c, QAA, MH, Can JH, WDQ, CGC

thor   thorbird   thorsitting

Red Hawk is my husbands favorite.  She's a very sweet, protective, retrieving machine.  Red Hawk is the beautiful sedge color and produced sedge and dead grass in her first litter.  She is very protective of her house and car but sweet as can be when at shows or hunt tests.  She's great with other dogs.  She's has a beautiful broad skull with a well put together, muscled body.  She moves like a dream.  Very fast and stylish when running marks or blinds, loves birds and would do anything to get them.   Next year after maternity leave and she will be competing for her master title.  She will also be competing for her open level agility titles when possible.  She loves agility and gives it her all, very fast and stylish with a long jumping stride.  She's fun to work with and easy to live with in the house. 

Thor is
in training for field trials and hunt tests, does multiple marks on land and water and handles well on blinds. He is hunted on pheasant & ducks, and is a sweet lovable family dog with Al and Jackie Melhus in NJ.  Thor has the perfect temperament for a Chesapeake companion dog and hunting combination.  He loves to please and trains easily. He has been running in Master Hunt Tests in 2009 with 4 completions in a row and a Reserve JAM in an all-breed Qualifying Field Trial.  He completed his Master hunt US title in November 2009.  He became QAA in Sept 2010. 

Thor's accomplishments in the field.

US Master Hunter
  8-29-09  Pinelands Retriever Club  first leg   Hammonton, NJ
  9-06-09  Greater Pittsburgh Golden Retriever Club  2nd leg   Jackson Center, PA
  9-19-09  Labrador RC of Greater Boston  3rd leg  West Thompson, CT
 10-18-09  Potomac Valley Golden RC - 4th leg  Brandywine, MD
 11-1-09 Del-Bay RC - 5th leg      new Master Hunter Title 

Canada – Licensed Field Trials
  5-25-08  Winnipeg Field Trial Club, Winnipeg, Manitoba  - Qualifying CM
  6-01-08  Brandon RC, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada - 4th place in the Qualifying
  5-31-09  Eastern Ontario Retriever Club, Canada  -  Qualifying CM
  5-14-10  South
Western Ontario RC -  Qualifying CM
  5-24-10  Eastern Ontario RC  -  Qualifying Reserve CM
  6-06-10  Labrador RC of Central Ontario, Owen Sound - Qualifying CM
  7-31-10  Algoma Retriever Assoc Sault Ste Marie, Ontario  - Qualifying 4th

  8-14-10  Club Du Chien Rapporteur De Montreal    Qualifying 3rd
  8-21-10  Sunpoke Hunting RC, Minto, New Brunswick   Qualifying 4th
  8-28-10  Prince Edward Island RC, Canada   Qualifying 3rd

 US - Licensed Field Trials 
9-18-08  American Chesapeake National Field Trial, Ronan, MT - Qualifying JAM
  8-14-09  Shrewsbury River RC, NJ   Qualifying Reserve JAM
American Chesapeake National Field Trial, Chiloquin, OR - Qualifying Jam and Open 3rd --  New Qualified All-Age Dog!

Red Hawk:
Born 11/8/2005
Height:  23 inches
Weight: 80 pounds
Color: Sedge
OFA - Hips: CB-8880G24F-PI  - Good

OFA - Elbows: CB-EL1263F24-PI - Normal

CERF: CB-5638/2009-43
Optigen PRA - A1 by pedigree
DM - N/A carrier
EIC - both parents clear

Born 7/14/2004
Height:   inches
Weight:  pounds
Color: Deadgrass
OFA - Hips: A8533 Excellent

OFA - Elbows: CB-EL1074

CERF: CB-5406/2010-67
Optigen PRA - A

DM - N/N Clear

EIC Clear

Pedigree for Red Hawk & Thor
Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Redlion's Notorious*** QAA MH WDQ Can JH
LongMeadow North X NW
Lt Brown
CH Pond Hollow North Potomac CD CGC TDI
CH Pond Hollow Abner of Black Run
Green Mtn Baylees Irish Mist
Pond Hollow Country Kate CD
Snocree's The Prosecutor
CH Pond Hollow Bayberry Tides In
OFA/CERf  Brown
Redlion's Defused Fern
CBISS Am/Can CH Redlion's Short Fuse WD
AM/CAN CH Redlion's Come Back Hank** WDQ
Redlion's Duty Free O'Taraglen CWC
Rocky Creeks Riverdance
AM/Can CH* Redlion's Big Business JH WD
AM/CAN CH Rocky Creek's Autumn Tapestry
CH Treasure Lake Ray's Red Hawk SH NA NAJ
CH Pond Hollow Cuttyhunk
CH Sako MH***
DUAL/AFC Westwinds Rudy of Nordais
Beartown Yucchi
CH Pond Hollow Kilimanjaro
CH Pond Hollow Casablanca WD
OFA-G/CERF/PRA-A  Deadgrass
CH Pond Hollow Rivertides Briar
CH Pond Hollow N TLC's Glacier Bay NAP NJP MH**
Fred of Beartown WDX
Beartown Pennacook
Nordais Aquabombe Splash**
CH Pond Hollow Sankaty
CH Pond Hollow Abner of Blackrun
CH Pond Hollow Bayberry Tides In

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