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2009 ACC National

CH Safe Harbor Treasure Lake Geo MH WDQ**


Dogs in Review -  Top AKC Sire of 2009

Tigger was a big brown dog with tons of enthusiasm for everything he was asked to do.  He loved to show in the conformation ring and hunt in the field.  Field Trials were his passion, he loved running the long marks and blinds.  He's was very easy to train for blinds because he thought he's was a black labrador, always willing to do it your way over and over again, just so he could playing any game.  He was always more then happy at hunt tests because the marks were so close he could almost catch them and it didn't take him long at all to pick up all the marks and he was always looking for more.   His puppies and grand puppies are doing well in the field, agility ring and show ring.  One of his puppies "Ringer" has points in field trial derby's. "Falcon" is the first and only Champion, Masters of Agility Champion, Master Hunter in breed history.   Tigger loved to baby sit the puppies and he gets along with all dogs he meets, girls or boys. On sunny warm days you would always find him sleeping on the back porch with a whole litter of puppies all around him.   He was a very happy, happy boy and just loved being in the house close to everyone.  Tigger loved to play with the new puppies or just sit on the back porch watching them play games.  He was such a gentle boy with small puppies.  He never met a dog he didn't want to play with.   Tiggers DM results are homozygous N/N with two NORMAL copies of the gene associated with Degenerative Myelopathy.   So as the study stands right now Tiggers offspring are highly unlikely to get DM or produce it no matter what the dams results are.  Tigger is also NORMAL for Exercise Induced Collapse.   He passes on his passion for life, his enthusiasm to learn new things, and that great tigger bounce in his step.  Frozen sperm is available, contact me if interested in breeding the best puppies you've ever had.


Tigger was awarded Best Veteran in Sweepstakes at the Echo Hills Kennel Club Of Ohio supported entry on June 13, 2009.  Thank you judge Mr. Stephen Butcher for the honor.  It's hard to believe that Tigger's old enough for Veterans.

Tigger completed his Championship on 1/18/04 with a 5 point major at the Oakland County Kennel Club show in MI.

Tigger completed his Junior Hunter Title on 10/9/05 at the American Chesapeake Hunt Test in Hamden, Ohio.

Tigger completed his Master Hunter Title on 3/18/2007 at the Down East Hunting Retriever club of North Carolina Hunt Test in Kinston, NC.

Tigger was awarded a:

Judge's Award of Merit in Derby on 9/6/02 at the Ohio Valley Retriever Club's Field Trial, OH.

Judge's Award of Merit in Qualifying on 8/8/03 at the Western NY Retriever Club's Field Trial, NY.

Reserve Judge's Award of Merit in Qualifying on 10/8/04 at the Blue Ridge Retriever Club's Field Trail, VA.

Third Place in Qualifying on 10/26/07 at the Tidewater Field Trial in VA.

Judge's Award of Merit in Qualifying on 11/2/07 at the Palmetto Field Trial in South Carolina.

Reserve Judge's Award of Merit in Qualifying on 4/13/08 at the Buckeye Retriever Club's Field Trial, OH.

 Judge's Award of Merit in Qualifying on 6/1/2008 at the Fort Pitt Retriever Field Trial in Linesville, PA.

Working Dog Certificate on 10/9/2005 from the American Chesapeake Club.

Working Dog Excellent Certificate on 7/27/2002 from the American Chesapeake Club.

Working Dog Qualified Certificate on 8/8/2003 from the American Chesapeake Club.


Born 12/15/2000
Height: 25 inches
Weight: 90 pounds
(gaining weight and loving it, now that he's retired)
Color: Brown
OFA CB-7240G56M-PI  Good
CERF - CB-4307/2009--104
DM - N/N two NORMAL copies of the gene.

EIC - Clear


Kathy & Tigger at the Chesapeake National Field Trial, October 2005, New Jersey. (on right)

Photo taken by Jane Papplar official photographer

Pedigree for Tigger
Chesapeake Bay Retriever

CH. Buck Run See Buck Run CD SH WDQ
Light Brown
CH. Pond Hollow Wild Goose Chase
CH. Shilo's Country Gentleman
Dark Brown
CH. Pond Hollow Shotgun Rider CD TD WDX OFA-E/CERF Brown
CH. Shilo's Turtle Haven Cocoa OFA-G/CERF Brown
CH. Pond Hollow Bubbling Brook
CH Mitsu Kuma's Swamp Scout CD WD OFA-E/CERF Brown
CH. Rockruns Pinebrook Chelsea CDX WDX OFA-G/CERF Brown
Pond Hollow Starlight
CH. Pond Hollow Spindrift CD SH WD
CH. Mitsu Kuma's Swamp Scout CD WD OFA/CERF color
CH. Chestnut Hills Sienna Sage WD OFA/CERF color
Pond Hollow One and Only JH WDX
CH. Poisett's Starboarder Morgan MH CD WDQ** OFA/CERF color
CH. Pond Hollow Surf Skimmer WD OFA/CERF color
St. Croix Fowlweathr Sierra
CH Chestnut Hills Stone E Tug
CH CFC CAFC Ironwoods Stone E Cubs WDX***
Jasper T Cub's WD***
Daisy's Sweet Molly
Light Deadgrass
CH Chestnuthills Pandora CDX
CH Chestnut Hill's Pontiac CERF Sedge
Rosey Cocoa Bear of Roedown Dark Brown
Yorkshires Golden Visa CGC TT TDI
Light Deadgrass
Tug's Gentleman Beauregard
Dark Brown
CH Chestnut Hill's Stone E's Tug OFA Brown
Chestnut Hills Sandra Belle Sedge
Lady Augustina Of Chesire
Dark Deadgrass
Prock's Tiffany
Light Deadgrass

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 umbrella puppy              

(Sired by Tigger in March 2007).  Aren't these puppies just too cute?  (Sired by Tigger in Nov. 2006).

February 13 - 16, 2011

t   t   t   c
Although these four pictures are hard to see, they are some of my favorites.  That's Tigger waiting on the back steps with the puppies from Red Hawk's litter. This is the sight I see whenever I look out the back door (if I'm not outside playing with the puppies).  Love the second one with a puppy head using Tigger as a pillow (he was sound asleep when I took the picture).  My big 10 year old mean nasty chesapeake stud dog babysitting.  I have to take the picture looking almost straight down through the nose printed door. Last picture is if I crack the door open and take quickly, because they all pop up and start squeezing inside to come join me.  Also notice the cat's sleeping/sitting with the all of them on the railing waiting to come in too.  I so wish I could sneak into the back yard (like there's any sneaking when you own a chessie) and get the picture from the other side.

Tigger's Titled Offspring

MACH CH Treasures Falcon Del Star MH MX MXJ - Falcon     Dam: CH Pond Hollow N TLC's Glacier Bay MH** NAP NJP
MACH 4/  /2014
MH - 9/11/2011
MXJ - 6/19/2011
MX - 6/12/2011
AX - 7/11/2009
AXJ - 4/26/2009

CH - 5/22/2007
SH - 5/28/2006


CH Sanderson's Lil Miss Amazin MH NA NAJ - Amazing     Dam: CH Pond Hollow N TLC's Glacier Bay MH** NAP NJP
MH - 9/11/2011
CH - 3/14/2010

NA - 12/17/2010
NAJ - 12/17/2010
SH - 6/23/2007


CH Pond Hollow American Girl RN OA OAJ CD CGC - Glory    Dam: CH MACH Pond Hollow Deck the Halls "Holly"
CH - 12/11/2009
NAJ - 5/16/2010
RN - 6/4/2010 (all 3 legs in one weekend, scores 99, 100 1st place, 99 1st place.)
NA - 4/10/2011
OAJ - 6/18/2011
OA - 9/3/2011
RA - 9/21/2011
Won the brace class with her mother Holly at the American Chesapeake National on 9/22/2011
CD - 10/29/2011

Spicy receiving her first major Dec. 2007. Spicy 3/20/2010
Spicy running agility

CH Marnetts Red Hot Schoolgirl CD RE JH MX MXJ MJB NJP - Spicy    Dam: CH Marnetts School Belle UD RAE OA OJP NA  "Belle" 
Hips: excellant   Elbows: normal    DM: clear

JH - 4/5/09
NAJ - 7/4/09
NA - 7/11/09
OA - 9/26/09
OAJ - 11/28/09
AX - 3/7/10
CH - 3/20/10
CD -

Just a quick note to let you know that Tigger has one more champion for his records. Spicy finished today, the day before the supported in San Diego. YEAH!!!!!  We have been the reserve queens to majors but finally got our last major. Spicy has also been doing quite well in agility also. She has her AX and needs another leg for her AXJ. Hope to be showing in obedience by the fall  (goal is to go from Cd to UD in less than a year), and the SH tests in fall also. So needlessly to say she is great fun!! Thanks for breeding Belle to Tigger to get me this great dog. Annette 3/20/2010

My Tigger baby is awesome!!!  Starting to grow up and put some body.  Still acts like a dufus though. Annette  2/24/08

She has so much attitude that at times I need to breathe deep, and count to 10.  Her agility is coming along nicely.  She is so fast that she sometimes doesn't care about knocking down jumps, is a tunnel sucker, and makes up her own courses.  Her force fetch was the easiest I've ever done.  And probably is one of the best.  The field trainer that I've been out with, wants me to try the goal of derby at the field specialty in 08.  Spicy does scream when really excited about retrieving, and when we drive onto the training grounds she gets really loud.  We are working on that!  Obedience is a blast with Spicy.  So I must say I am very pleased with Spicy and that breeding.   Annette 12/23/07


Pond Hollow Tue March Riley MH - Riley    Dam: CH MACH Pond Hollow Deck the Halls MX MXJ "Holly"

Riley finished her senior title 9/19/2010 and added a master leg 10/10/2011.
MH 10/9/2011


CH Pond Hollow Brooklyn Bridge  JH - Bridget    Dam: Pond Hollow Tintagel  "Legend"

CH - 11/8/2009
JH - 10/9/2010


Pond Hollow Legos Point MH - Jack    Dam: Pond Hollow Tintagel  "Legend"

Want to tell you again how happy I am with Jack.  We're enjoying the hunt test game, and Jack has proved to be a great hunting partner. Very steady and quiet, goes hard on command, and last week did battle with a large goose that was crippled and had sailed out of gun range. He fought that bird in river current all the way to shore, got a good grip and delivered to hand. It was great to watch!  We train or hunt every day and Jack loves it all. We've been complemented on his manners in the holding blinds and at the line, and he's a hard charger when released. 2/2010


Pond Hollow Chasin The Waves In The Bay JH - Buddy     Dam: CH Pond Hollow Tinagel   "Legend"
JH - 2010


GCH CH Pond Hollow Secret Canyon RN JH CGC - Teddy  Dam:  CH MACH Pond Hollow Deck the Halls MX MXJ "Holly"

JH earned 7/11/2009
In a Nature's Variety dog food ad September 8, 2010.

I wanted to let you know of Teddy's very exciting show news.  Tigger will be proud, that his son got back to back majors this weekend in Fitchburg..  Yesterday he got Winners Dog and BOS for a 4 point major.  Today he got the same for a 3 point major...many dogs didn't show up because of a snow storm.  We are just thrilled.  Teddy looked awesome in the ring and seems to almost enjoy it.  He wagged his tail constantly!  Karen  1/11/2009


CH Pond Hollow Sandpiper Mystic
- Fiona    Dam: CH MACH Pond Hollow Deck The Halls MX MXJ "Holly"
Group IV May 30, 2010


Treasures Diablo Sanitago JH - Diablo   Dam: CH Pond Hollow Antietam CDX JH  "Ty"
JH - 10/1/2005

CH TLC's Bacchus of Tyler Lake - Bacchus  Dam: CH Pond Hollow N TLC's Glacier Bay MH** NAP NJP

Jeff and Sara's Big Brown Bear SH - Bear  Dam: JJ's Southern Belle MH***   "Belle"

        Just a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate the work you put into turning Bear into a finished retriever prior to this past duck season. (2007)

        Bear and I spent several days afield early in the duck season with some friends hunting some big water here in Virginia.  He displayed good manners on these hunts despite the lack of birds.

        In January of this year (2008).  I took Bear with me on a big hunt down in Stuttgart, Arkansas.  It was a big test for him.  He passed the big test with flying colors.  While hunting a small puddle, one of the other hunters took an extremely long shot on a widgeon and connected.  The bird sailed about 250 yards away from the blinds we occupied across the puddle.  Bear honored (though not happily), as I thought the gent who shot the duck would send out his retriever: however, he realized this long retriever was beyond what his pup was capable of.  So I cast Bear and he worked for me right to the bird.  I had to cast him far right of the bird, and then work him to the left as he would nose some dead ducks that were in an unoccupied blind over on that side of the field.  He was on the whistle, and it only took me about three left casts and he had the duck and returned with it.  Bear's abilities impressed my fellow hunters.  As we left the field later that morning, our guide told me that was one of the best retrieves he had ever witnessed.  By the end of our three day hunt, the guide asked me if I could leave Bear to work the rest of the season.  He has seen many dogs, but he really appreciated Bear's abilities as do I.

        Thanks again for developing Bear into a finished retriever.  Our little girl is next in line to spend time with you, and I look forward to hunting over her this coming season. 


Jeff Buffa     3/30/2008