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For Falcon's puppy pictures please see the 2008 puppies Falcon page.
Holly & Tigger puppies at bottom of page.

amazing     Amazing

Sanderson's Lil Miss Amazin SH   "Amazing"  &

CH Pond Hollow Brindisi CDX MH WDQ   "Brin"

Brin now has his UD and Amazing has her CH.


Amazing had one beautiful sedge puppy, born on October 6, 2007 who has gone to live in CO.   A re-peat breeding with Brin produced 9 puppies on May 20, 2008.  I expect these puppies to be beautiful, happy, and very athletic.  Brin completed his master hunter title in December and has two passes on his UD title.  I visited Brin for about a month at his home a few years ago and was impressed the first time I met him.  He's a very gentle, easy to live with boy but when he's working he's all business.  He is a working gun dog each Fall through early Winter in the Delaware basin.  Amazing came back to live with me for a while and reminds me very much of her mother Glacier Bay.  Amazing is a very sweet, gentle girl who never needs to be yelled at.  She's always willing to please.  Amazing loves to retrieve and went hunting often with her previous owner.  I've started working her in agility for next summer after her maternity leave.  These two should produce correct conformation, field and hunt test ability, obedience or agility ability or all around great house pets.  They have such easy going personalities, these puppies should be a joy to live with, train and own.  These puppies should be wonderful for families with children.   I did keep a female from this litter for future breeding and training (see Coco's page).

Puppies were born May 20, 2008

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Boys Girls
Blue Yellow
Red Silver
Black Gold
Green Shiny Green
  Shiny Blue

July 7, 2008

The Boys:


Mr. Blue is living in Cincinnati OH .
Mr. Blue's new name is  Treasure Lake Buck or Bucky. 

Blues going great. I decided to call him Buck and his nicknames Bucky.
I'm in love with him, he's so great. Thank you for everything. I'll try and
send you a picture soon. He's getting so big!    Elizabeth  8/25/2008


Mr. Red went to Harrisburg, PA.
Mr. Red's new name is Gunner.


  Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I just took some pics of Gunner.  I will send you some of him hunting after I take him out later. What a great dog!!!!!.  He was exactly what we wanted and he is awesome. I just weighed him and he is 57 pounds already.  And he loves to play. I will keep in touch. Here is some pics from today. Thanks again. You are a great breeder and will do business with again!!!!!  Sincerely,  Tim 10/30/2008



Mr. Black is living in Denver, PA.
Mr. Black's new name is Treasure Lake's Razor's Edge.    "Razor"

Razor is doing awesome!  What a great pup!  Brian  7/22/08
Razor is doing great!  House training is a full time job, but it's getting better!  He's up to 22 lbs. and growing! Brian 8/7/08


Mr. Green flew to Golden, CO.
Mr. Green's new name is Treasure Lake Newton.  "Newton"

The Girls:



Ms Yellow lives in Solon, OH.
Ms Yellow is now Treasure Lake Riley Samantha   "Riley"

I am happy to report that Riley (aka Yellow) is adjusting well to family life. I'll send you some more pictures to attest to that.

She is AKC registered as "Treasure Lake Riley Samantha" and enrolled in Puppy Kindergarten.

She travels well and loves the neighborhood kids and dogs. Potty training with mixed results. Unfortunately, she loves to eat grass,
mulch and rocks, none of which are good for the digestion. A couple of regurgitated dinners.     David    8/14/08


k   k   k  March 2011

Ms Silver went to Denver, PA.
Ms Silver's new name is Treasure Lake Kimber.   "Kimber"

Just wanted to respond to you in regards to the Pup....  Yes, we have named her  "kimber". She is doing very well.  She is sleeping through the night now.  She has to have the smallest bladder ever. I am assuming it will grow soon.  We have been very diligent with the potty training and taking her out.
Congratulating her when she goes outside and scolding her when she goes in. She has had probably 10 accidents in the house since we have had her. I hope that is a reasonable number. She definitely is more strong willed than the yellow lab breed we are used to. She has been a real joy and is loved by all who meet her. Our yellow lab of 14 years absolutely adores her. I never would of thought that to be the case. Lisa 8/12/08

Kimber is doing great.. We had to put down are 16 year old yellow lab (remi) about a month ago.... Definitely affected kimber.... As you can see, She has become very close with mr. Lucky the cat... Things are well and appreciate your reaching out... 3/14/2011


Ms. Gold is staying in Bainbridge, OH with her new big brother Diablo who is from the 2004 litter.  Her new name is CoCo.


Ms. Shiny Green went to Medina, OH.
Has a new family and now lives in San Diego CA.
Treasure Lake Feebie Bouffet.


Ms Shiny Blue is living in Chambersburg, PA.
Treasure Lake Bonnie Bela-Blou-Girl.

bela  Bela March 2011.

How grateful my husband, Mike, and I are that Jared allowed us to have her for our own!  She has been a blessing to us, as we lost our beautiful Golden Retriever, Bailey, last February to cancer, at only 7 years of age.  We were devastated, and never expected to get another dog.  Bailey and Piper, Jared's puppy, played together and we loved Piper from the start.  Jared told us he had a puppy reserved from Piper's brother's litter, and was anxious to get her.  Then he told me that he was not able to get a puppy from that litter, as they were all boys!  After Amazin's and Brin's litter was born, he said "Grammy, you can see our puppy on the web site", and told me the address.  Well, I clicked on Shiny Blue, and saw those eyes and said to Mike, "Come here and see the baby"  We absolutely fell in love "at first sight!"   So, as things turned out; with Jared and Andrea finding they were expecting, I said, "Honey, Don't you think we could have Shiny Blue, since you will have enough "babies"?  I was NOT expecting his response, (which came after great deliberation, as he wanted her also, very much!)  And that answer was, that he thought the puppy would be so good with Mike and I and he could also see her anytime he liked!  So, as you can tell, we love her like our baby.  Kathy, she must have been trained by you and your family, in so many ways, before we got her.  She "sat" immediately, she fetches the paper every morning,(which shocked Mike from the beginning!)  He jokingly said to her "Get the paper" and she did!!!  Jared also said he had specified a cuddlier,( for Andrea.)  Well, Bela cuddles so close, you cannot move!  She has to touch us.  She sits ON our feet, and walks beside us, without a lead.  We are amazed (Amazin') how mature she has been from the very beginning.  And CALM!  Our vet comments every time he sees her, how calm she is, and well behaved!  She loves her "squeaky toys", and chasing the ducks at the pond behind our house, and the sea-birds at the beach. ( Wow, can she run!)   I will send you pictures, when I figure out how to do it.  Her sedge color is very beautiful, as everyone she meets, tells us.  Her tail is unique!  And her "ring around the collar"!   She plays with my son's Yellow Lab, Sophia Marino, and my granddaughter's Weimaraner, Sullivan (for Sullivan's Island, SC).  The chocolate lab next door is 17 years old and he loves her but he cannot play anymore.
Kathy, Thank you again for breeding this marvelous puppy, who has enriched our lives so much!
With best regards to you and your family at this Joyous Holiday Season!
Bonnie and Mike     12/19/2008


July 4, 2008


Mr. Black


Ms. Silver


Mr. Blue and Mr. Green hiding


Ms. Shiny Blue looking up.


Mr. Red, I think this is one of my favorite pictures so far.  Isn't he cute!


Why is he sleeping when we can be playing????  Should I wake him up????


Which way was that food bowl?


Ms. Silver singing for her dinner.

July 2, 2008


Mr. Red


Mr. Blue, (just missed the picture of him winking).


Ms. Shiny Blue


Sitting waiting to go in.  Nice straight front legs on all the puppies.


Ms. Shiny Blue and Mr. Red, what a life!!!!


Ms. Gold, Mr. Green, Ms. Yellow and Little Red (Falcon's)  cuddling.

June 30, 2008


Ms. Shiny Green wants to be an agility dog when she grows up.


Ms. Shiny Blue said if she can't get over it, she can chew it out of her way.


Ms. Gold says "They told me you have to jump the top bar"!!!


To bad no one told the other puppies. 


Ms. Gold says this is my stick and I double dare you to try and take it.


Mr. Blue is practicing his camouflage look, so he can be a hunter when he gets bigger.


Ms Shiny Blue relaxing in the sun.


Mr. Black crashed after playing.


Mr. Green out walking.


Practicing brace class.


Look we found a black retrieving toy.  (Luna, my daughters schipperke, came to play). 


All that playing outside made us tired.  We're chilling under our personal fan.  If it isn't on we all complain as loud as we can until someone turns it on.


June 23, 2008


Mr. Black, Mr. Green, Falcon's Little Red and Ms Shiny Blue chilling


Ms Yellow,   Does this hair color make me look fat?  I thought dark colors make you look skinnier?


Mr. Red is always so serious.  I think he's trying to understand why everyone else is bigger than he is.


Mr. Red, Mr. Black and Ms Shiny Green relaxing.


Ms Yellow wants to know why there's a piece of dead grass on her tail, it's not her color


Mr. Blue sticking out his tongue at the camera.  I think he's trying to become a sedge dog.

Green and Yellow on a collision coarse.  Showing off their gating.


Black and Blue just hanging out.


Shiny Green wants to know who filled the food bowl with wet stuff???  Can we swim in it???

  Black worried he's missing something


Tail wagging


Ears flapping

Running just as fast as they can!!!! 


Feeding frenzy.

June 20, 2008












Shiny Blue (sedge)




Shiny Green





(Miss Silver, Miss Shiny Blue and Miss Yellow were removed from Amazing and added to Falcon's nursery, since Falcon is producing more milk).

June 9, 2008


Puppies are beginning to walk out of the pictures!   All six.




May 29, 2008


Mr. Green, Miss Gold, Mr. Red, Amazing's puppies are going dark.   Mr. Black and Miss Shiny Blue cuddle just before she is transferred to Falcon's nursery.

May 25, 2008


Last group shot of Amazing's puppies before three were transferred to Falcon's nursery.   Miss Silver cuddles up to one of Falcon's puppies just before being added to Falcon's nursery.


At least two of the puppies found the right side.

  Mr. Red, the flying nun puppy!!!

May 22, 2008


Miss Yellow (the smallest) and Mr. Blue.   Mr. Red snoozing away.




May 20, 2008


Born: 2/13/2003
Height:  23 inches
Weight: 65 pounds
Color: Red Brown
OFA: CB-8290G32F-PI
CERF: CB-5739/2007-58
Optigen PRA - A1

Born: 3/16/2000
Height:  25 inches
Weight: 75 pounds
Color: Brown

Hips - OFA CB-7135G28M-PI,
Eyes - CERF CB-4520/2007

Optigen PRA - A1 by pedigree

Pedigree for Amazing & Brin
Chesapeake Bay Retriever

CH Pond Hollow Brindisi CDX MH WDQ
CH Chesarab Force of the Jedi
Light Brown
CH Fairchase Stormin Norman
CH Neptune's Great Bay Buoy WD
CH Fair Chase Silver Lake Lady
Dark Brown
CH Chesarab Sweet-N-Sassy
CH Chesarab Bay Breeze CD
Chestnuthills K.C. of Chesarab WD
CH Aridawn's Pond Hollow Sahara
CH Pond Hollow Casablanca WD
CH Riverbends Norga Wild Rice II
CH Pond Hollow Puddle Duck CD
Snocree's Edith Gladstone
CH Homespun's Son Of a Gun
CH Crosswinds Flying Sonnet
Sanderson's Lil  Miss Amazin SH
CH. Safe Harbor Treasure Lake Geo MH. WDQ** OFA-G/CERF/PRA-A1
CH. Buck Run See Buck Run CD SH WDQ
CH. Pond Hollow Wild Goose Chase
Pond Hollow Starlight
St. Croix Fowlweathr Q Sierra
CH Chestnut Hills Stone E's Tug
Yorkshires Golden Visa CGC TT TDI
CH. Pond Hollow N TLC's Glacier Bay NAP NJP MH WDQ**
Red Brown
Fred Of Beartown WDX
Beartown Pennacook
Nordais Aquabombe Splash**
CH. Pond Hollow Sankaty
CH. Pond Hollow Abner of Blackrun
CH Pond Hollow Bayberry Tides In
This pedigree page was built for free at

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Holly & Tigger puppies born January 25, 2008.

Breeders Dyane Baldwin and Karen Shaffer.

All puppies are sold and in their new homes.


Falcon and Condor on puppy watch - great job girls!!!!

January 25, 2008