Treasure Lake Chesapeakes

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Litter born September 28, 2004.

4 girls, yellow, pink/purple, gold and multi

4 boys red, orange, blue and green


Now that's really trusting in your handler.

The Boys


Mr. Orange = Shogun loved in NC. by Andy

He's been through the early duck season and retrieved about 20 birds or so.  Most of the early ones were blinds as he didn't put together the birds falling from the sky, but he got them nonetheless and now he knows what's going on.  His first one was a blind about 20 yards on the other side of the decoys and he didn't miss a beat.  He handles well in the water.  I can confidently handle him out to 200 yards or so on land or water.  He's still very much a pup even though he's 85 lbs or so.  Has a great temperament, enthusiasm and is great with the kids.  He loves the water and will swim just for fun for about as long as I will let him - ocean or fresh water.  He's a beautiful dog.   11/30/2005  Andy


Mr. Green = Levi now hunts in PA. with Joe

Treasures Lake Son Of A Gun

Levi is doing well. He has two geese, and a few ducks and pheasants to his credit in this his first hunting season. He is turning into a good hunter and has excellent marking ability and is as fast as lightning. He just hit the 80 lb mark when we were at the vet last week. I've always heard that Chessies are a loyal breed and it is unbelievable how true this is in Levi's case. His whole world revolves around me and we are best friends. I couldn't be happier.   12/5/2005     Joe


Mr. Blue = Remy lives in MI.

He is my baby and my buddy, I don’t know what life would be like without him.  He is a big boy! Weighs in at 100lbs, stands 30” tall to the top of his back.  I actually had to buy him a XXXL vest this year for duck season cause he’s grown out of his old one.  He’s been very healthy, never any sicknesses, only had one strain in his leg once, but otherwise healthy as a horse.  He has a wonderful personality and character.  He makes me laugh every day.  I get many compliments on his coat, thick and shiny, and surprisingly does not shed as much as other Chessies I know.  He absolutely loves to swim, I can’t get him out of the water. And he loves the hose, as you will see in some pictures, he can sometimes get a little crazy.  Does very good with kids and other dogs, he is passive but tries to get other dogs to play with him even if they are dominant.  He has his mentor “Storm” which is my brother’s dog, you’ll see him in some pictures too.  Those two dogs love each other.  I’ve considered getting another dog, but I just don’t think I could ever find one as well mannered and good looking as Remy.  Jerrod  11/20/2007


 Mr. Red = Diablo adored by his family in OH.

Treasures Diablo Santiago JH

Diablo finished the requirements for his Junior Hunter title on 10/1/2005 at the Buckeye Retriever Club Hunt Test, Hamden, OH.  He passed two senior hunt tests in the fall of 2007.  You can see more about Diablo on his page since he's joined our stud dogs available.   Trained and run by Kathy.

The Girls



Miss Multi = Cali loved in OH.

She loves to play, fetch, and most of all swim.  If she hears one of my boys cry, she is right there.  The one thing we are so impressed with is her love for guns and bows (sounds kind of weird)  Every time my husband and 5 years old get them out to shoot, she goes nuts.  This is with no training at all, it's as if she just knew she was supposed to do this. Doug and Lane took her pheasant hunting a couple weeks ago.  She really had fun, Doug is looking forward to really getting into training her.  That was just for fun to see how she would react, Doug said they had a blast. She enjoys staying outside rather than inside, I'm sure once the weather gets cold, she'll change her mind, however; we can't keep her out of the lake long enough to get her dry enough to come inside.  The most important thing is her disposition with our kids, she is great with them, especially my two year old who thinks she is a horse, wrestling partner, and sometimes pillow.  We are very happy with her, and she has adjusted well.  Thanks again.   11/30/2005    Terri

sorry it's taken so long to respond, it is hard to believe it's been two years.  Here are some recent pictures (today) of Cali.  We are enjoying her.  We also rescued a pup (part german shep, part ?) Cali loves him, enjoys the company when we're away.  They play constantly, 2, 3 AM.  1/21/2007   Terri 



 Miss Gold = Sadie is in AR.

Treasure Lakes Sadie of Northern Edge



Miss Purple = Delilah is loved in PA.

Delilah is doing wonderfully.  All of the basic commands for living in a house have been mastered (stay, sit, down, off, etc.).  She is sleeping in our room at night, but is still kenneled when we leave the house.  She is good with the baby, but still a rambunctious puppy.   11/29/2005     Laura

Delilah is good.  No health issues.  Her metabolism (do dogs have a metabolism?  Whatever you want to call it) finally slowed down as she has gotten older.  I think she weighs around 70 lbs now (and I think it is a good weight for her--her annual is in the next month so I will confirm then)  but her weight has bounced around a bit as we adjusted to her decrease in metabolism and a change in food when we moved, so I am not sure of the actual number.  2 photos of her are attached, one with Finnegan to give a size comparison (he is 90 lbs at fighting weight).  She still has a pretty crazy (in a good way) puppy enthusiasm for life.  My eldest dog, the German Shepherd, is still with us at 12.5 years old, and sometimes I am not sure if she is the bane of his existence or the stimulation that keeps him with us!  11/19/2007   Laura


 Miss Yellow = Spicy in sunny Florida

Spicy is doing great! We are in the middle of a move to the water front. 1/17/2006  Liz  

Will give us an update with pictures as soon as the boxes are unpacked. 

Spicy is doing well. We live on the bay and she loves it!   Spicy is doing fine and has a wonderful temperament. Liz  11/2007

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A whole litter of singing puppies !